Aprima Partnership


As a certified reseller, Transurant implements and supports Aprima’s practice management and electronic medical record software suite.


The user-friendly Aprima EHR is chief– complaint-driven and offers adaptive learning capability based on each provider’s habits. The comprehensive intuitive knowledge base quickly displays appropriate content based on the presenting chief complaint, speeding up the physician’s documentation. In addition to the EHR, Aprima products include a fully integrated Practice Management (PM) system  to help practices maximize reimbursement and minimize payment time. Aprima’s robust PM software includes all the tools a busy practice requires to manage its patient population, including insurance eligibility and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Listed below are a few features & benefits of the Aprima system:

Practice Management

Create and submit claims; receive payment quickly and conveniently with a system that significantly reduces accounts-receivable time requirements. Aprima’s HIPAA-compliant EDI tool interfaces with the messaging capabilities to help you track and resolve issues as they arise for fast claims resolution.

Messaging and Workflow

With the Aprima task management system, you will automatically route, track and document much of your practice’s routine workflow. Authorizations and prescription refills become dramatically easier and faster with our messaging system.


Connect with commonly used third-party software as well as clearinghouses, document scanning devices, laboratories and clinical equipment to streamline tasks. Aprima uses the latest technology and HL7 standards to provide access to a wide range of systems and equipment.


Aprima’s built-in reports are customizable and provide immediate access to information on HIPAA compliance, billing and productivity, clinical orders, medication management and other critical data.

Patient Portal

Ensure accurate patient information with a secure portal that allows patients to pre-enter information from home or an office kiosk. Aprima’s solution saves staff time and improves accuracy by allowing patients to enter information and make address changes themselves.

Empowering patients to make scheduling requests, complete questionnaires online and enter their own demographic information securely makes their check-in process easier and saves staff time. Learn more about Aprima’s secure patient portal, which enables pre-population of clinical charts, allows patients to send messages to the front desk, shows available appointment times and groups family member data for easier tracking.

Transcription / Dictation

Create dictation and ensure seamless transcription with a solution that doesn’t require a change in the way you practice medicine. Aprima supports a variety of transcription and dictation import and export methods to streamline the EHR creation process.

One roadblock to paperless EHR has been that it required physicians to change the way they practice. Aprima is different, helping you document care in the way that is most comfortable for you: via handwriting, typing, dictation, voice-recognition and transcription.

Lab Orders / Results

Since it’s designed to follow patient visit workflow, Aprima makes it easy to order labs without writing out a separate order. You can instantly send requests to major companies like LabCorp and Quest and receive results electronically that are automatically recorded in the EHR and can be viewed as charts and graphs.